Here today, gone tomorrow, paid out the day after.
  The Rules
  Once you have emailed me your names and payment details you are accepting the site terms and conditions laid out below:

Main rules:

  • You pick 5 names for 5 categories.
  • Those names go in 5 pots, then names are drawn and allocated to each player.
  • The above ensures fairness in the game, there's money involved so we need to be transparent.
  • The draw will take place in public with witnesses.
  • Payment is 1/week but will be collected at 4.33/month.
  • You will be pay 1 month ahead at all times.
  • Your continued payment is required.
  • Failure to pay two consecutive months will void your entry
  • Void entries will lose any money paid. Your celebs will go back in their respective pots.
  • You can have more than 1 go.
  • The murder of someone on your list is not allowed and will void your entry.
  • Please note that the above may also land you in trouble with the authorities, they apparently frown upon such actions.

    Celebrity rules:

    Your picks must be celebrities, but because the term is a very loose one these days I have spelled out a few caveats below.

  • Their death must be reported on the main BBC website, local celebs are not allowed.
  • They must be human, please don't choose "Liverpool's cup chances", we already know they're dead.
  • No death row inmates, they're too predictable.
  • No terminally ill celebs please, it's a bit goulish even for this.
  • Although, if your celeb becomes terminally ill that's unavoidable.
  • No one under 18, it's just wrong.
  • Terrorists are allowed but bear in mind that their death's are often misreported.
  • No fictional characters, we all want Norris off Coronation street to die horribly, but he's not real.

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