Here today, gone tomorrow, paid out the day after.
  The Premise
  The idea of the game is simply that we are gambling on the next celebrity to shuffle off this mortal coil. It sounds a bit gruesome, but you have to have a laugh, and why not make a bit of cash when some famous person kicks the bucket and prepares to push up the daisies?

There are 5 categories of celeb, and an existing list of names for each pot. However, we need a lot more names than we have members, so when a celeb dies and the money is paid out we will have more names to draw from.

In brief:

  • You pick a user name, it's anonymous if you want it to be.
  • You submit 5 celebrity names from 5 separate categories.
  • A draw will take place to allocate each member 1 name from each pot.
  • You then pay 1 a week. (4.33 per month will ensure we all pay 52/year).
  • If someone on your list dies, you win the pot.

    So for example, if there are 20 players, that's 20 per week. If the first person on the list dies after 6 months the winner gets 520.

    It's that simple.

    Please see the rules page for a full breakdown

    Email me for an entry form and payment details -
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